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The Cradle Of Civilisation Will Never Be The Same

AFRICANGLOBE - If Africans want the final word on their history, this process starts by acknowledging all invaluable contributions by our most steadfast servants on the battlefield. For Africans at home and abroad this year we are preparing to commemorate some of the most epic moments in our illustrious history.

‘Africa Does Not Need A Savior, America Needs A Savior’

AFRICANGLOBE - We’ve seen it time and time again through seemingly innocent initiatives like the Kony 2012 movement or celebrity-driven campaigns to heal/help/teach Africa. Though the intentions of those who participate in such projects may be good, their willingness to believe they can “save” an entire continent of people who are more than capable of “saving” themselves (if it’s even necessary), is naïve at best, and downright condescending at worst.

Africa Is Not ‘A Huge, Amorphous Continent’

AFRICANGLOBE - Believers in pan-Africanism are unlikely to see eye-to-eye with the de facto spokesman for South Africa’s advertising industry. "The biggest thing that struck me is that we tend to talk about ‘Africa’ but people are not "African"

Africa’s Kindness Towards Others A Threat To The Continent’s Sovereignty

Our kindness, our warm nature as Africans has become the biggest threat to our sovereignty. The major lesson that Africa has to learn from these just-ended Zimbabwean elections is that the affectionate warmth to mankind that Africans are endowed with is today proving to be the lethal weapon with which the ruthless West is using to attack the same African nations.

Lessons From The Life Of Former Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zenawi

AFRICANGLOBE - For me, even more so for Ethiopians and many other Africans, talking about Meles Zenawi’s contribution goes beyond the boundaries of Ethiopia and encompasses the whole continent of Africa and beyond. He championed not only Ethiopia’s, but Africa’s cause in various international forums with passion and conviction, and to great effect.

What Exactly Does Sub-Saharan Africa Mean?

AFRICANGLOBE - It appears increasingly fashionable in the West for a number of broadcasters, websites, news agencies, newspapers and magazines, the United Nations/allied agencies and some governments, writers and academics to use the term ‘sub-Saharan Africa’ to refer to all of Africa except the five predominantly Arab states of north Africa.