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Why Kenya Owes Africa Peaceful Elections

AFRICANGLOBE - Although democratic elections in Africa have been problematic due to three obvious obstacles — lack of civic education, poor electoral laws and...

Africa’s Commercial Strength Threatened By Eurozone

AFRICANGLOBE - The arrival of new trading partners has boosted African economies and not just in the oil and minerals sector. But the World...

What President Barack Obama’s Second-Term Means For Africa

AFRICANGLOBE - With United States President Barack Obama fending-off an election year challenge from former Republican Governor and businessman, Mitt Romney, to secure a...

Africa Attracting More Investor Attention

AFRICANGLOBE - Africa is continuing to receive more interest as an investment destination, according to a report issued by professional services firm PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC). The...

Luxury Hotels Meeting Market Demand in Africa

African groups are competing with international chains as the continent's economic growth, improved stablity and ease of travel boost demand for high-end business and...

Foreign Companies See Big Money-Making Opportunities in Africa

Drawn by the chance to make significant return on investment, foreign companies from the U.S. and Europe are flocking to countries in Africa looking for opportunities...

Africa Seeks to Grow More, Buy Less

Africa can ensure food security by producing wheat. New research presented in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia this week shows that the continent has the potential...

Africa Could Provide Workforce to the World

The African continent can potentially provide the workforce to aging developed economies, says chief executive officer of the South African Chamber of Commerce and...

U.S. Govt Bids to Boost Business With Africa

Three years after President Obama visited Ghana on his first state trip to Africa, amid rising criticism over the lack of coherent policy towards...

Africa in the Shadow of Colonialism

AFRICANGLOBE - All over the world and all over history, colonialism has always generated a lot of contentions and confusions. Some political and moral...

China Offers Sincere, Unconditional Help to Africa?

China, as a true friend of Africa, has provided sincere and unconditional aid for the continent by improving infrastructure and pouring investment there, African...

Africa – Russia Relations Floundering

A lack of focus and interest are hindering what could be a mutually beneficial economic and political relationship between African and Russia. Russia does not...

Ten Fascinating Tourist Destinations In Africa

This year, it is expected that 50 million people will spend their vacation in Africa. With the continent continuing to see an increase in...

Africa’s Investment Benefits From Global Recession Set To Bypass South Africa

With Africa’s economic recovery in full swing in spite of the global recession, the continent is set to become the investment destination for many companies,...

There Is No Stopping China-Africa Investments

China may soon overtake Western Countries in investment-relationship with the African continent. Supporting China's $20 billion pledge to Africa on Thursday, Kenyan Industrialist and businessman...

Protea Hotels in African Expansion Drive

South Africa's Protea Hospitality Group has signed an agreement for the construction of its fourth hotel in Uganda, as part of a US$130-million African...