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Obama or Romney, Will You Be Better Off?

The nagging question that echoes inside my barber shop suddenly has a sense of urgency as the Democratic National Convention opens this week in...

RNC Attendee Calls Black Camerawoman ‘Animal,’ Throws Nuts at Her

According to a Tuesday evening Tweet posted by a newsman attending the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Fla., one attendee allegedly threw nuts at a Black CNN camerawoman, saying “This...

African Tourism on Show at Indaba 2012

Southern Africa's biggest tourism showcase, Indaba 2012, takes place at Durban's International Convention Centre from 12 to 15 May. Despite a general flat to downward...

South Africa Becoming World’s Favourite Events Destination

South Africa's Tourism Minister Marthinus van Schalkwyk told delegates at the Meetings Africa expo that South Africa was fast becoming one of the world's...

Black Pro-Life Organization Distributes Abortion DVD

The NAACP Convention has still refused to address the issue of abortion which has killed over 20 million African Americans to date and is decimating the Black community at the rate of 1,786 a day. 52% of all African American pregnancies end in abortion, according to the Guttmacher Institute which is the research arm for Planned Parenthood.

NAACP Chief Focuses on Voting Laws at Convention

The NAACP plans to spend the next year fighting against a slew of voting laws that it says disenfranchise huge swaths of minority voters, the civil rights organization's president said at the group's convention on Monday.

Rwanda, DRC, Burundi Plan Massive Hydroelectric Power Plant

Rwanda,Burundi and DRC Water Ministers last week signed a convention under the umbrella of Economic of the Great Lakes Countries(CEPGL) to mark the end of a 2 year technical feasibility study on Ruzizi III hydroelectric Project.