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Forgive Me Masa: Marc Lamont Hill Apologize For Pro Palestine Remarks

AFRICANGLOBE - Marc Lamont Hill has apologized for recent comments he made during a UN speech that called for “a free Palestine from the river to the sea.” Many, including his employers at CNN, rebuked it as anti-Semitic, but the college professor always maintained that at the heart of his comments was a message of peace. Over the weekend in an op-ed for The Philadelphia Inquirer, Hill apologized for the harm his words may have caused.

Lil Wayne Dismisses Entire Black Lives Matter Movement

AFRICANGLOBE - Lil Wayne is not necessarily the person to ask if you’re looking for a nuanced political opinion. But it was still sad to see a noticeably out-of-it Wayne dismissing the entire idea of the Black Lives Matter movement and acting like he’d never even heard of it.