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Chinese Are Now Attacking And Blaming Africans For Corona Virus

AFRICANGLOBE - Across African capitals, Chinese ambassadors are being hauled over by foreign ministries to explain horrid scenes that have gone viral on social media platforms of African migrants being evicted from apartments and refused entry into hotels. The videos have enraged governments and citizens back home.

Corona Virus And The Black Body Bags – The Gantt Report

AFRICANGLOBE - Black Americans are dying at an alarming rate because of a racist, discriminatory and inept federal response to the Corona Virus pandemic. Data is available that shows high case counts among Black residents in emerging hotspots, including New Orleans, New York, Detroit, Milwaukee, Charlotte, Miami, Atlanta and Albany, Georgia. There are also reports from cities, including St. Louis and Nashville, that predominantly Black neighborhoods have been slow to receive testing sites and equipment compared to white, affluent areas.