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Spotlight On Africa: Help Us Fight Corruption In Africa Today

The current generation of Africa's youth are serious in our determination to end corruption in Africa and help make Africa a better place for...

Fighting Corruption In Africa, the Role of the Silent Media

“Sadly, here in the 21st century, all those romantic tales of the press fighting corruption and bringing criminal activity in government to book are all...

Corruption – a Global Problem or an African Cancer?

Is African corruption unique, or is it just like corruption in the many other parts of the world? Citizens of African countries tend to...

Europe Should Emulate the U.S. and Fight Corruption

It is not often that we see political leadership act courageously to uphold principles of good corporate governance, which makes a recent decision taken...

Hiding Africa’s Looted Funds: Silence of Western Media

Corruption and bribery in Africa and indeed the developing world could be reduced tremendously if the media for once put aside its pick-and-choose journalism and attach the same importance to showing the degree of involvement by Western capitalist institutions in Europe, America and Japan and their role in keeping Africans poor.