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Why Are Democratic Candidates Trying To Deny Black People Their Reparations?

AFRICANGLOBE - Slavery stripped Black Americans of the financial fruits of their labor and more for most of the country’s history. Jim Crow replaced chains of metal with ones forged of terror, most famously through lynchings, but also land theft. The contemporary form of bigotry’s financial toll is redlining, by which financial institutions withhold loans from Black neighborhoods.

Newark After Cory Booker: City Faces Takeover Threat

AFRICANGLOBE - New Jersey's largest city is hitting some roadblocks just months after its rising-star mayor went off to Washington. A bold reform plan for the state-run school system has hit a snag, the police department is facing federal oversight over citizen complaints, and the state is threatening a takeover of the city's finances after several key deadlines were missed.

Cory Booker Heading for US Senate Following Easy Primary Victory

AFRICANGLOBE - Newark, New Jersey Mayor Cory Booker easily won the Democratic Party primary election on Tuesday in his bid to replace the late Frank Lautenberg for the state’s Senate seat.

Cory Booker Confirms Run For Governor or Senate

AFRICANGLOBE - A run for governor is just one of the options Newark Mayor Cory Booker is considering for next year. During an appearance...