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40 Acres And A Mule Would Be At Least $6.4 Trillion...

AFRICANGLOBE - Slavery made America wealthy, and racist policies since have blocked African American wealth-building. At the time of the Civil War, close to 4 million African Americans were enslaved, 13 percent of America's total population. After the war, institutional injustices focussed on stealing their land and jobs and ensuring that African Americans did not build wealth as fast as the rest of the population. The economy we have Today is built on this.

Ethiopia Industrializing Bit-by-Bit

Ethiopia is taking advantage of rising wages in Asia, and its own natural advantages in agriculture and cattle-raising, to build a light-industry base that...

Processing Plants Reap More Benefit for Africa

Singapore's largest soft commodity and logistics company is targeting its growth projections on wheat, rice and cashew projects throughout West Africa. A constant jumble of cashews travels along a conveyor belt, accompanied by...

Africa’s Developing Textile Industry

Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zenawi said Africa is attracting the world's textile and apparel industry due to cheap labor power and raw material. Speaking at...

South Africa Gloomy on Prospects of 2011 Doha Trade Deal

South Africa's status as a fast-developing nation would mean that it would incur obligations, rather than relief, in any package aimed at the poorest of the poor