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Libyans Head to the Polls Amids Chaos and Divisons

Since the toppling of Muammar Al-Gaddafi's regime in October 2011, the people of Libya have been impatiently waiting for the desired results of their...

Islamists Mohammed Mursi Wins Egypt Presidency

The Muslim Brotherhood's Mohammed Mursi has been declared the winner of Egypt's presidential election run-off. He won 51.73% of the vote, beating former PM Ahmed...

Detroit Could Go Broke in Two Weeks

Detroit's mayor warned Monday that the city could go broke if its top lawyer refuses to drop her lawsuit challenging a deal with Michigan...

Security Council Urged to Take Steps to Arrest Sudanese Leaders for...

The Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (ICC), Luis Moreno-Ocampo today called on the Security Council to adopt measures to ensure the arrest of...

Renewed Calls for ‘Steep’ Sanctions On Sudan Over Abyei

South Sudan said it is time the international community imposes "steep sanctions" on Sudan for its "deliberate" failure to comply with a Security Council resolution calling for an end to hostilities and the immediate withdrawal of troops from Abyei.

Uneasy Calm In Southern Libya After Ethnic Clashes

AFRICANGLOBE - A tenuous peace has taken hold in Libya's southwestern city of Sebha more than a month after ethnic clashes killed at least 70 people, with tensions still high between communities living there, many of whom have their own armed militias, according to local residents.

Hundreds of Investors Set to Attend Nigeria International Investment Forum

About 100 foreign investors and over two hundred Nigerian l businesses are expected to participate at the second Nigeria International Investment Forum that is...

China to Loan South Sudan $8 Billion

China has agreed to loan oil-rich South Sudan eight billion dollars for infrastructure development, according to Juba government spokesman, Barnaba Mariel Benjamin. "It will fund roads, bridges,...

Detroit Mayor’s Budget Includes Layoff of 25% of the City’s Workforce

Detroit Mayor Dave Bing on Monday laid out a budget proposal that would cut more than 2,500 jobs — nearly a quarter of the...

Nigerian Economy Third Fastest Growing in the World

Despite security challenge posed by the Boko Haram sect and other issues, Nigeria's economy recorded an unprecedented growth as it is said to be...

Fear of Disintegration in Libya as Benghazi Declares Autonomy

Tribal leaders and militia commanders have declared oil-rich eastern Libya a semiautonomous state, a unilateral move that the interim head of state called a...

U.N. Security Council Visits Haiti to Assess Security

A U.N. Security Council delegation arrived in Haiti on Monday for a four-day visit to assess security needs before a decision over reducing the...

Pittsburgh Wants to Pay $75K to Teen Who Was Viciously Beaten...

The Pittsburgh City Council is considering a bill that would pay $75,000 to a former performing arts student who says in a civil rights...

New Libya Off to a Shaky Start

It's been almost a year since Benghazi launched its uprising against former Libyan president Muammar Gaddafi and three months since he was killed, but there is a growing sense of frustration in eastern Libya with the National Transitional Council. Two weeks ago, a group of protesters attacked the Council's Benghazi headquarters as chairman Mustafa Abdeljalil was inside, forcing him to flee through the back door.

Detroit City Unions Agree to Massive Concessions

Detroit city union leaders said Tuesday that they had reached concession agreements in 25 of the 48 bargaining units for city employees, including huge cuts in the health benefits for thousands of workers. According to a report Wednesday in a Detroit newspaper, the deals include a $20 million cut in prescription drug benefits and what the newspaper called “substantial” reductions in pension benefits.

Zambia’s Construction Sector Gets More New Entrants

Zambia's construction sector recorded a 100 per cent increase in the registration of contractors in 2011 following a boom in the industry, National Council for Construction (NCC) has said. NCC executive director Sylvester Mashamba said the industry had seen a rise in the number of new entrants registered from 2,735 in 2010 to 3,069 in 2011.