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Chinese In Africa Face Backlash After Targeting Black People In China

AFRICANGLOBE - African countries are seething over accounts that Africans are battling stigma and discrimination in China over the coronavirus pandemic. The African residents say they have suffered forced evictions, arbitrary quarantines and mass coronavirus tests and face discrimination in restaurants and hotels. We saw images of Nigerians in the streets with their possessions and this was of course extremely distressing for us at home.

Nigerians Dupe German Authorities With Sophisticated COVID-19 Scam

AFRICANGLOBE - It all started with an email address and website which appeared to be linked to a legitimate company in Spain selling face masks. The elaborate plan that targeted German health authorities had to do with securing of face masks in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. INTERPOL reported that what started as a chain of referrals eventually led to compromised emails and an advance-payment fraud scheme.

Racism Is Making The Wuhan Coronavirus Worse Among Black People

AFRICANGLOBE - “Long before COVID-19, Black communities were experiencing deep health and economic inequities that are only intensified by a public health crisis of this magnitude.” The COVID-19 global pandemic is a nightmare unfolding before our eyes that could have devastating impacts that Black Americans could feel most acutely. With scarce testing, health care workers and ventilators there are signs that Black communities across the country are bearing the brunt  of an inept federal response.

Arabs Join The Global Anti-Black Coronavirus Campaign

AFRICANGLOBE - Thousands of Ethiopian workers are being abruptly deported from the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia back to Addis Ababa over the weekend in cargo planes. The governments of both Middle East countries claimed the Ethiopians were vulnerable to spreading the coronavirus

Chinese Are Now Attacking And Blaming Africans For Corona Virus

AFRICANGLOBE - Across African capitals, Chinese ambassadors are being hauled over by foreign ministries to explain horrid scenes that have gone viral on social media platforms of African migrants being evicted from apartments and refused entry into hotels. The videos have enraged governments and citizens back home.

As Europeans Die In Droves France Wants To Test COVID-19 Vaccines...

AFRICANGLOBE - In a television discussion that has become swiftly infamous, two French doctors—one of them the head of an intensive care unit in Paris—suggested trials for vaccines against Covid-19 should be conducted upon African patients.