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Obama: Criminal Justice System ‘Skewed By Race And By Wealth’

AFRICANGLOBE - The criminal justice system is "particularly skewed by race and by wealth," President Barack Obama said on Tuesday in a speech at the NAACP Annual Convention in Philadelphia, citing a "long history of inequity in the criminal justice system in America."

White Males Make Up 79% Of Elected Prosecutors In US

AFRICANGLOBE - White Americans make up 95% of elected prosecutors across the US, according to a study that cites the non-indictments of white police officers in the high-profile deaths of unarmed Black men as the “shocking” reality of a disproportionate and non-diverse criminal justice system that relies on prosecutorial power.

5 Horror Stories From The DOJ’s Ferguson Police Report

AFRICANGLOBE - In 2011, a 14-year-old Black boy was mauled by a police dog handled by a Ferguson officer while he waited for friends in an abandoned house. According to the police account of the incident, the boy was found hiding in a storage unit by the officer and refused to comply. But the boy, who was interviewed by investigators, provided a dramatically different account. He says he was given no warning before the attack, and was instead chased down by the dog, who first bit his ankle and then went for his face, but was parried by his left arm, which took the bite.

America On Trial: White Supremacy And The Discriminatory Justice System

AFRICANGLOBE - The release of two African-American men from prison in North Carolina after 30 years of incarceration for a murder they didn’t commit is yet another example of the American justice system’s racist targeting of African-Americans as the supposed primary criminal class in the country. Between this outrageous case, the recent police broad daylight execution of Mike Brown, and the chokehold killing of Eric Garner, we must ask: isn’t it time we launch a movement to defeat the racist law enforcement and criminal justice system’s systematic war on Black-America?

Mass Incarceration and White Supremacy In America

AFRICANGLOBE - Racial disparities among the incarcerated are glaring: one in every 36 Latino man and one in every 15 Black man is a prisoner compared with one in every 106 White man. Four percent of Native American adults are under correctional control. Data comparing White apartheid era Black incarceration rates in South Africa with current Black male incarceration rates in the US provides a jarring perspective.

America’s Criminal Injustice System

If police states are ranked by the number of persons imprisoned, then America is the world’s worst and biggest police state. The system runs...

Troy Davis; Executing the Truth

The rejection of the clemency appeal of death row inmate Troy Davis by the Georgia Parole Board has set a new low for America's Biased criminal justice system. The denial of Mr. Davis’ appeal is a clear case of vengeance by a Board lacking courage to set the record straight.