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How Oil is Affecting Ghana’s Economy

AFRICANGLOBE - While crude oil production has contributed greatly to the economic growth of many African countries, the average man on the street has often not benefited from the industry. In a country like Nigeria, an unhealthy focus on oil has also led to the neglect of sectors such as agriculture.

Angola To Export 50 Million Barrels Of Oil In September

AFRICANGLOBE - The Financial Times newspaper recently filed a report which seemed to suggest that Angola could become Africa’s biggest oil producer in 2014, overtaking Nigeria, if current trends continue. That is if production in Nigeria stays at the current 2million daily production.

Nigeria Loses U.S.$2.7 Billion to Oil Production Decline

AFRICANGLOBE - Nigeria is estimated to have lost about $2.7 billion or N426 billion from decline in crude oil production in the last quarter of 2012 - October to December, even as it earned $16.075 billion or N2.54 trillion from crude oil export in the same period.

Nigerian Oil Production Hits Record 2.7 Million Barrels

The Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) has said that Nigerian oil production has risen from 2.4 million barrels per day (mbpd) to 2.7 mbpd...

Total’s Usan Raises the Bar Despite Increasing Theft in Nigeria

With the start-up of crude oil production at offshore Total's Usan deepwater field, Nigeria's crude oil production received a boost in the first quarter...