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UN to Investigate Death of Black Persons in British Custody

Black deaths in British custody and Stop and Search are among subjects to feature at the forefront of a seminar attended by experts from...

Body of Man Who Died in British Custody Turns Up 13...

The family of a British man who died in police custody 13 years ago have been left outraged after finding out that a mix up at the mortuary meant they buried the wrong person.

British Institutions to Face Prosecution For Deaths in Their Custody

Police Forces, Prisons and youth detention centres in Britain will now face prosecution for “corporate homicide” if an individual dies in their custody as new laws comes into effect starting today.

10-Year Child Custody Case Now Involves Jamaican Officials

The Jamaican Consulate wrote a letter dated January 20, 2011 to Gerard McCaffery, Executive Director of Merci First Foster Care, asking why visitation rights are denied family members of Stephen