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Bernie, Biden And Trump – The Gantt Report

AFRICANGLOBE - Sanders lost because he couldn’t bamboozle the strongest base in the Democratic Party, Black voters that soundly rejected his political ideas. The best you can get out of politics is a deal where everybody gets something but no one gets everything.

We Don’t Need Permission From Democrats To Demand Reparations

AFRICANGLOBE - A recent Gallup poll shows 73 percent of Black Americans support reparations in the form of cash payments to the descendants of slaves – the highest level of Black pro-reparations sentiment ever recorded in a national survey. The surge in Black support for reparations is useful to the Black struggle only if Black Americans themselves are willing to (a) define the issue and formulate demands accordingly and (b) mobilize our people around those demands.

The Cracker Jack – The Gantt Report

AFRICANGLOBE - One day you’ll stop falling for the political BS and you’ll declare that you’re tired of being misled, bamboozled, tricked and trapped by the political cracker jack!

Was It Consensual Or Rape? Inter-Racial Sex In America

AFRICANGLOBE - One of the most avoided aspects of American slavery by those who wish to mute the era and its impact on contemporary racial animosity “by any means necessary” is the sexual nature of the peculiar institution. Despite Whites’ never-ending denials regarding America’s history of sexual exploitation of Black men, women, and children, the varying hues of “Blacks” tells an undeniable story.

Kamala Harris Says Russian Bots (New Black Media) Are Coming After...

AFRICANGLOBE - Kamala Harris said she blames Russian bots for helping stir up the frenzy that Donald Trump, then a candidate for president, helped set off over Colin Kaepernick taking a knee during the national anthem at National Football League games. Now, she said, the bots are coming after her. “We already know we are” being targeted, the presidential candidate said Friday on the New York radio show “The Breakfast Club.” 

Joe Biden And The Black Sell-Out Class

AFRICANGLOBE - The disgraceful promotion of Joe Biden’s presidential candidacy is all the proof one needs that the Black Misleadership class is a grave danger to their community and to the nation. Biden was chosen to be Barack Obama’s running mate in 2008 precisely because of his rightwing credentials. But he no longer has Obama’s imprimatur to protect him and his racist history is now out in the open for all to see.

Mitch McConnell Opposes Reparations Because His Ancestors Were Slave Owners

AFRICANGLOBE - Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is a direct descendant of two slave owners in his family line. James McConnell and Richard Daley, two of the Kentucky Republican’s great-great-grandfathers, owned at least 14 slaves in Limestone County, Ala., NBC reported, citing 19th-century census records. All but two of the slaves were female.

Three Fifths Of The Devil – The Gantt Report

AFRICANGLOBE - Many of my friends in America believe the best way to secure equal rights and justice is to pray, to march and to assimilate. From my point of view, Black people are headed down the wrong road! I have no problem with praying, but I don’t encourage any person of African descent to march to the state capitol, city to hall or to the county commission locked arm in arm with separatists, supremacists and closet racists year after year and incident after incident singing “We Shall Overcome”!

Why Is Joe Biden So Staunchly Against Reparations For Black People?

AFRICANGLOBE - For the first time in decades, reparations are part of the mainstream political debate. Top-tier Democratic presidential candidates, including Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris, have discussed the need to address the historic evil of slavery and the massive wealth gap caused by bondage and systemic racism. While the specifics of how much would be provided to whom, and how that might work, are usually left vague, there is widespread support among the 2020 contenders for at least a serious look at making reparations a reality.

America Has No Problem Paying Reparations Just Not To Black People

AFRICANGLOBE - Since the second half of last century, countries like Germany, Austria, France, South Africa, and Canada have amended past wrongs by paying reparations to their victims. The US, too, has supported reparations as a form of restorative justice. After World War II, it supported Jewish victims of the Holocaust. As recently as 2016, the US Department of State helped Holocaust survivors access payments owed to them.

Mitch McConnell Says Electing Obama Was Reparations

AFRICANGLOBE - Mitch McConnell believes America made up for slavery by electing Barack Obama, and passing civil rights legislation -- though he sees no need to restore the Voting Rights Act, and calls efforts to expand voting rights a "half-baked, socialist proposal." If you've heard of "40 acres and a mule," then you know that the concept of America paying reparations for the enslavement of Black people is by no means a new idea. The concept has been discussed since 1865 when the promise to repay -- I use that term loosely -- former slaves was made by Union Gen. William T. Sherman and then backed by President Abraham Lincoln and Congress.

2019 Is A Very Significant Year For ADOS Black Americans

AFRICANGLOBE - In 2017, the United States Congress passed the 400 years of African-American History Commission Act which is charged with developing activities throughout the country to commemorate the arrival of Africans in the English colonies in 1619, an event widely regarded as the commencement of the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade in North America.

In The Presidential Election Black Voters Are Kingmakers: No Tangibles No...

AFRICANGLOBE - An astonishing spectacle of the 2016 election aftermath is the false account of why Trump won. The accepted wisdom is that Trump succeeded in awakening a popular movement of anger and frustration among white, blue-collar, less educated, mostly male, voters. This story is mostly wrong. Trump did not win because he was more attractive to this base of white voters. He won because Hillary Clinton was less attractive to the traditional Democratic base of Black voters.

Gay Rights Will Be Joe Biden’s Number One Priority Not Reparations

AFRICANGLOBE - Democratic presidential candidate and father of mass incarceration, Joe Biden, declared Saturday that the Equality Act would be his top legislative priority, an effort to enshrine LGBTQ protections into the nation's labor and civil rights laws.

Joe Biden Orchestrated One Of The Worst Things That Ever Happened...

AFRICANGLOBE - As Joe Biden continues to defend his 1994 Crime Bill, a video has resurfaced of Rep Bobby Rush calling it the worst thing to happen to the Black community in 50 years. The 1994 Crime Bill, which was drafted by Biden, has been a shadow on his campaign since he announced he was running for president last month. While former President Bill Clinton, who signed the bill into law when he was president, has walked back on his support in recent years, Biden has not wavered.

Keep Fighting: Reparations For Black People Is Closer Than You Think

AFRICANGLOBE - The issue of reparations for Black Americans is back in the news, with a number of candidates for the Democratic presidential nomination doing a u-turn and giving lip service to the idea in one form or another. The situation of Black people had been addressed in the Kerner Commission empaneled by President Lyndon Johnson in the aftermath of a number of major urban riots in the late 1960s. Memorably, the commission concluded that “Our nation is moving toward two societies, one Black, one white—separate and unequal” and that “white racism” was the cause.