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The Top 10 Most Prosperous Countries In Africa

AFRICANGLOBE - What is Africa's most prosperous country? According to new research from the Legatum Institute, which last week ranked prosperity in 38 African countries around criteria ranging from economics to education to health, the title belongs to...

A Student Makes A Business From Recycling

I want the young African people who want to go into business to realise that if you want to create your enterprise, you don’t have to focus on money. You just have to be focused on creating something awesome, and once you create something awesome, money will follow

Goree Island, Home of the ‘Door of No Return’

Goree Island, planted in the deep blue of the Atlantic Ocean two kilometers from Dakar, is a small island with charming old houses and bougainvillea flowers gathered around a tiny cove of sand, bathed in clear water. Goree is a walking tour destination of history and controversy which one day is not enough to explore

Black Mauritanians in Senegal a Bitter Past

Black Mauritanian refugees who have been on hunger strike since June 19 in Dakar, Senegal saw a light at the end of the tunnel...