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The Murder Of Philando Castile, Dead Cops, And Blowback

AFRICANGLOBE The reason we have a justice system is so people won't take the law into their own hands. But it appears that police are above justice. So what is the logical next step once you have the firm belief that the justice system can't be fixed or reformed? It's violence. So if this country in 2016 is unwilling to charge and convict police officers who murder Black citizens then it should prepare itself for more Micah Johnsons. There's only so much that people can take before they finally realize that they aren't the only ones who can bleed. Everybody bleeds.

3 Officers Dead, 3 Hospitalized In Baton Rouge Shooting

AFRICANGLOBE - Three officers are confirmed dead and three others wounded after a shooting in Baton Rouge, a sheriff's office spokeswoman said Sunday. One alleged suspect is dead and law enforcement officials believe two others are still at large, the spokeswoman said.