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Ethiopia On Track to Complete First Mega-Dams by 2015

Ethiopia's energy minister played down concerns on Monday about how it would finance the first of an array of mega-dams due to revolutionise east...

Ethiopia – Egypt : Is a War Over the Nile Still...

Until the recent positive signs of cooperation between some of the Nile riparian states, disputes between the downstream and upper riparian states over rights...

Egypt Threatening Ethiopia Over Nile Dam Construction

Egypt increasingly views Ethiopia's plan to build a massive 6,000-megawatt hydroelectric dam on the Nile River as a threat to its national security because...

Ethiopia, Egypt, Sudan Set up Commission to Assess Nile Dam Project

A tripartite commission, established by Ethiopia, Egypt and Sudan will meet on 8 October 2012 in Addis Ababa to discuss the impact of Ethiopia's...

Egypt Denies Deal With Sudan to Attack Ethiopian Dam

An Egyptian official has emphatically denied what his government defined as "allegations" that his country had reached an agreement with neighboring Sudan to use...

Save Nubia, Sudanese Dams Set to Bury Ancient African Civilization

The Arab minority government of Sudan has recently secured construction contracts for several dams, and the work on these hydroelectric projects will start soon...

Wikileaks – Egypt Plotting to Attack Ethiopian Dam

Egyptian authorities fearful of losing their monopoly on Nile waters, received an agreement from Khartoum to build an airbase in Sudan, to launch attacks...

Uganda Reaping the Benefits of the Bujagali Dam

For the first time in a decade, Uganda enjoys a near-sufficient electricity supply. Results have been immediate. Since the long-awaited Bujagali Dam started producing...

Nile Dam: Water Wars Averted for Now

When Ethiopia’s plan to dam the Blue Nile grew grander within a month of the resignation of President Hosni Mubarak, it did not go...

Ethiopian Dam Spurs Debate

The mud-coloured Omo River which snakes through green gorges, feeding lush vegetation and providing vital water to one of Ethiopia's most remote regions, will...

Ethiopia Pushes Ahead With Massive Dam Project

Ethiopia is pursuing a massive dam building project that it hopes will generate alternative sources of power, but its critics mainly backed by Egypt...

South Africa and Lesotho to Showcase Water Project

South Africa and Lesotho will show off their jointly managed Lesotho Highlands Water Project - one of the biggest engineering projects of its kind...

Ethiopia Sells Bonds to Finance Africa’s Largest Power Plant

Ethiopia plans to offer more bonds to finance Africa’s largest power plant after selling 7 billion birr ($408 million) of debt domestically over the past six months, Communications Minister Bereket Simon said. The sale will contribute to the 80 billion birr needed to finish the 5,250-megawatt Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam on the Blue Nile River, Bereket said in an interview on Sept. 27. The country isn’t raising funds from foreigners in a bid to demonstrate its economic resurgence, he said.

Ethiopia Raises US$350 Million for Mega Dam

More than US$ 350 million has been mobilised from various sources in Ethiopia to support the construction of Africa’s biggest dam.

Ethiopia's Nile Dam Now 46% Complete

With a view to obtaining first hand appraisal of the project, government officials and stakeholders spearheaded by Alemayehu Tegenu, Minister of MoWE, this week paid a field visit to the project site in the SNNP region.

South Africa and Lesotho Unveils Multibillion Dollar Water Project

A multibillion rand water project, unveiled in Maseru this week by the South African and Lesotho governments, could be the answer to the water challenges facing South Africa, authorities said.