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Finally! After More Than 2 Years, The Cop Who Murdered Eric...

AFRICANGLOBE - Eric Garner, father of six, had just broken up a fight outside of a shop when he was targeted by NYPD cops for harassment and extortion. Fed up with the constant persecution from cops, Garner voiced his discontent. He was subsequently assaulted and killed by “compression of neck, chest and positioning during restraint by police.” In spite of investigators ruling his death a homicide, and the video evidence, no one has ever been held responsible for the murder of Eric Garner — until now.

The Public Still Can’t See The Eric Garner Grand Jury Records,...

AFRICANGLOBE - The public still can't look at transcripts from the grand jury investigation into the murder of Eric Garner, a New York appeals court ruled Wednesday. A four-judge panel from New York’s Appellate Division, Second Judicial Department, upheld aprevious decision from a lower court that found no “compelling and particularized need” to release the grand jury records.

Decoding Racial Tensions In America

AFRICANGLOBE - The shooting and killing of an unarmed Blacks speak massive volumes as to the omnipresence of racial tensions/distrust between the Black community and white police officers in the United States. As an overt corollary, to all intent and purposes, these shootings and killings seem to concur directly with the March 1857 US Supreme Court Dred Scott decision to the extent that Blacks “had no rights which the white man was bound to respect” and that “slaves are not regarded as US citizens.”

Will Video Cameras Reduce Police Brutality?

AFRICANGLOBE - If a cop can’t be indicted for choking a man to death on a city street, then under what circumstances can a cop be indicted? Garner was begging for his life and said "I can't breathe"11 times, as Pantaleo strangled him to death on a sidewalk in an incident captured on film.

Thousands Of New Yorkers Protest Eric Garner Grand Jury Decision

AFRICANGLOBE - New Yorkers took to the streets after a grand jury refused to indict New York Officer Daniel Pantaleo in the choking death of Eric Garner. Protests included a "die-in" in Grand Central Terminal, blocked streets in Midtown, and an attempt to cross the West Side Highway.

No Charges For White Cop Who Strangled Eric Garner To Death

AFRICANGLOBE - A New York City grand jury on Wednesday returned no indictment against the white police officer who strangled Eric Garner, an unarmed Black man, while attempting to arrest him for breaking up a fight, local media reported.

Will Daniel Pantaleo Face Charges For Strangling Eric Garner To Death

AFRICANGLOBE - A Black man dies after a confrontation with a White cop. Crowds take to the streets incensed, decrying police brutality. And a grand jury is called to hear the case. The place is not Ferguson, and the case is not Michael Brown's. It's Staten Island, New York. And on Wednesday, a grand jury is expected to decide whether to indict white Officer Daniel Pantaleo, two officials said, who strangled Eric Garner to death.

HOMICIDE: Medical Examiner Rules NYPD Chokehold Killed Eric Garner

AFRICANGLOBE - Eric Garner’s death by chokehold was a homicide. The Staten Island man who collapsed after being placed in the banned restraint by a police officer died from compression of the neck and chest, the New York City Medical Examiner ruled Friday.

Daniel Pantaleo: This Is The NYPD Officer Who Strangled Eric Garner

AFRICANGLOBE - Daniel Pantaleo the NYPD officer who was captured on video placing a Staten Island man in a chokehold had a long history of complaints against him, a complaint filed against him following a March 2012 traffic stop.

Officer Who Murdered Eric Garner Should Be In Jail

AFRICANGLOBE - The grieving son of Eric Garner the man who was choked to death by a NYPD officer said Sunday he wants to see the cop behind bars.