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Ferguson Increases Black Political Representation

AFRICANGLOBE - In the first year after 18-year-old Michael Brown was murdered by a white police officer, Ferguson voters elected two African-Americans to the City Council, giving Black residents almost equal representation in the city for the first time in history.

Why Ignorant White Americans Are Terrified Of Angry Black People

AFRICANGLOBE - Perhaps, one day there will be a moment when a Black American who has suffered unjust loss and pain will tell the reporter who immediately asks them, “do you forgive the thug cop or racial terrorist who killed your loved one” and they will reply, “Hell no! Not now, not ever, and you can go f*ck yourself for asking such a question.”

China Criticize America Over The Murder Of Black People

AFRICANGLOBE - For a century, the US has been ridiculing China while at the same time praising the “Freedom” here in America. When a country, that we are told is a bastion for human rights violations, and corruption, cites specific cases and calls the US out for its rampant violence and corruption, something is indeed awry.

11 Stupid Reasons White People Have Rioted

AFRICANGLOBE - During Hurricane Katrina, as people of all races desperately searched for provisions, the media reported that white people “found” food, while Black people “looted.”

Ferguson Police Shootings: Was “Confession” Beaten Out Of Jeffrey Williams?

AFRICANGLOBE - A lawyer for Jeffrey Williams, the 20-year-old man who was arrested and charged with shooting and wounding two police officers last Thursday outside the Ferguson police department now says he doubts his client was the gunman who fired at the officers. "One thing that is clear is that he has a large amount of bruising on his body that I noticed that I'm very concerned about. It appears that whatever statements he made, he was without the advice of counsel, and when I look at the bruising, it's hard for me assess if these were voluntary statements that he made."

Police Violence Spreads In United States

AFRICANGLOBE - In reality, a police badge is effectively a licence to kill in the US. In working-class communities throughout the country, the police effectively function as judge, jury, and executioner, brutalising, arresting and killing workers and Black people with impunity. The growth of police violence, which according to government statistics has hit the highest levels in decades, parallels the dramatic expansion of social inequality in the US.

Obama’s Justice Department: No Charges Against Ferguson Killer Cop

AFRICANGLOBE - The US Justice Department announced Wednesday that it will not bring federal charges against Darren Wilson, the Ferguson, Missouri police officer who fired at least six bullets into Michael Brown last August, killing the unarmed teenager.

Slave Patrol’s Legacy — Modern Day Police

AFRICANGLOBE - 10-year-old Clifford Glover was unarmed and committing no crime at the time the police officer Thomas Shea murdered him. Shortly after the killing the NYPD radio dispatcher picked up the voice of officer Scott, Shea’s partner, saying “Die you little bastard.” The police killings of unarmed African men and boys are not isolated incidents. The historical record in evidence that demonstrate that many police departments, including the NYPD, must have a plan afoot to murder African people. In a much broader sense, nationally, police departments in the United States are carrying out the identical plan.

St. Louis Police Gun Down Another Black Teenager

AFRICANGLOBE - St. Louis police shot and killed 19-year-old Isaac Holmes late Wednesday night, the same day that is was reported that the U.S. Justice Department would not pursue federal civil rights charges against Darren Wilson, the Ferguson police officer who shot killed teenager Michael Brown last August.

Justice Department To Close Investigation Into Murder Of Michael Brown

AFRICANGLOBE - The Justice Department is moving to close an investigation into the fatal shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo. — clearing the white police officer who shot the black teenager, according to a report Wednesday.

Inside The U.S.A.: Ferguson Reexamined

AFRICANGLOBE - The US justice system is no longer concerned with justice, but with the careers of prosecutors, punishing the powerless, and protecting the powerful. As justice has largely departed the justice system, it is hardly surprising that police lack any concept of justice.

Inspired By Ferguson Afro-Brazilians Take To The Streets To Protest Police...

AFRICANGLOBE - The fight against institutional racism and police brutality went international and arrived in Brazil, where police lethality is not new nor are street protests against state violence. Inspired by the movement that erupted in the US against police violence, thousands of young Black men and women take to the streets in São Paulo, protesting their greatest tormentor, the Military Police.

Obama In Post-Black America

AFRICANGLOBE - Many Americans, but Blacks in particular, expected that great achievements would follow from the election of Barack Obama. While few, if any, expected that the race problem would disappear, quite a few expected the fulfilment of Martin Luther King’s dream. It was assumed that “freedom” had finally come, and that Jim Crow and the colour bar would be anachronisms of the past. There is now a great deal of disappointment among some naive Black folk.

Thousands Of New Yorkers Protest Eric Garner Grand Jury Decision

AFRICANGLOBE - New Yorkers took to the streets after a grand jury refused to indict New York Officer Daniel Pantaleo in the choking death of Eric Garner. Protests included a "die-in" in Grand Central Terminal, blocked streets in Midtown, and an attempt to cross the West Side Highway.

Ferguson: Did Prosecutors Misled Grand Jury About The Law?

AFRICANGLOBE - St. Louis County prosecutors may have misled the grand jury investigating the police shooting of Michael Brown into believing that Ferguson, Missouri, police officer Darren Wilson was justified in shooting Brown merely because the unarmed Black 18-year-old fled from the officer, according to a review of the grand jury documents.

8 Horrible Truths About Police Brutality And Racism Laid Bare By...

AFRICANGLOBE - The hard truths about American racism exposed by Ferguson aren’t going away. That’s the case, even as the president, Barack Obama, responding to Monday’s renewed protests, said, “Nothing of significance, nothing of benefit, results from destructive acts.” Racism is real, Obama said, and he urged Americans to “mobilize,” “organize,” find the “best policies,” and “vote.”