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Ferguson Officer Darren Wilson Once A Member Of Police Force Disbanded...

AFRICANGLOBE - Darren Wilson the officer who killed Michael Brown was a member of the Jennings Police Department, which was so racist and corrupt it had to be disbanded in 2011.

Mourners Gather For The Funeral Of Michael Brown

AFRICANGLOBE - The body of Michael Brown lay in a black and gold casket topped with a St. Louis Cardinals baseball cap on Monday as family, supporters and activists gathered for the funeral of the Black teenager slaughtered by a White police officer Darren Wilson.

Justice System Finds Little Trust Among Black-Americans

AFRICANGLOBE - Grand juries in the United States meet behind closed doors to determine if there is sufficient evidence for an indictment leading to trial. But so deep is the lack of trust among Black Americans in their nation’s criminal justice system that many dread the idea that Darren Wilson, 28, a police officer for six years, might get off scot-free.

A Year Ago The DOJ Agreed To Review The Police Murder...

AFRICANGLOBE - Stolen Lives estimates that since Amadou Diallo was killed in 1999, unarmed and fired upon forty-one times outside his apartment building, at least 249 people have been killed by NYPD—the majority Black men or teenagers. “To be Black and male is to be always at war,”

Killer Cop Darren Wilson Has A Serious Online Fan Club Of...

AFRICANGLOBE - From the GoFundMe page to multiple Facebook fan pages, Darren Wilson the cop who slaughtered Michael Brown is getting lots of online love. Just one thing: His supporters would prefer to remain anonymous.

Autopsy Confirms Execution-Style Slaughter Of Michael Brown

AFRICANGLOBE - An independent autopsy of Michael Brown, performed Sunday, provides graphic evidence that the 18-year-old unarmed youth was shot execution-style by Ferguson policeman Darren Wilson.

Attempt By Ferguson Police To Assassinate Michael Brown’s Character Backfires

AFRICANGLOBE - If the intent of the embattled Ferguson, Mo., police department was to calm an anxious community by identifying the officer involved in the deadly shooting of an unarmed teenager, their actions on Friday only raised more questions and tensions.