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Leaked Emails Reveal Conspiracy To Throw Detroit Into Bankruptcy

AFRICANGLOBE - Leaked emails show that as far back as January, there were backroom discussions being held between Detroit and Lansing public officials and corporate law firm Jones Day suggesting that the best course for Detroit would be to send it through Chapter 9 bankruptcy.

Detroit Mayor Dave Bing Tries Desperately to Stop State Takeover of...

AFRICANGLOBE - Detroit’s financial picture has looked grim for a long time, but as the city tried to ward off the state from taking over its finances, Mayor Dave Bing last night offered a positive spin, saying “the picture is not all doom and gloom.” “Every day there is more hope and possibilities,” he said in his annual State of the City address. “Like many Detroiters, I, too, am a fighter. We can’t, and won’t, give up on our city.”

Detroit to Cut 81 Percent of Water and Sewage Jobs

Workers at the Detroit Water and Sewerage Department woke up Thursday morning to see a glaring headline in Detroit's newspapers about their fate. Department management,...

Detroit Could Go Broke in Two Weeks

Detroit's mayor warned Monday that the city could go broke if its top lawyer refuses to drop her lawsuit challenging a deal with Michigan...

Detroit Mayor’s Budget Includes Layoff of 25% of the City’s Workforce

Detroit Mayor Dave Bing on Monday laid out a budget proposal that would cut more than 2,500 jobs — nearly a quarter of the...

Detroit City Unions Agree to Massive Concessions

Detroit city union leaders said Tuesday that they had reached concession agreements in 25 of the 48 bargaining units for city employees, including huge cuts in the health benefits for thousands of workers. According to a report Wednesday in a Detroit newspaper, the deals include a $20 million cut in prescription drug benefits and what the newspaper called “substantial” reductions in pension benefits.