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Hexit Is Worse Than Brexit – The Gantt Report

AFRICANGLOBE - After the Brexit vote, stock markets around the world plunged because of England’s newfound financial uncertainty. You see, at one time it was said that “the sun never set on the British Empire” that was created by colonization, conquest, pirating and worldwide robbery. Today, the sun can barely shine on England where isolationism and the fear of a “colored planet” scared most voters over the age of 50 into supporting the Brexit campaign.

Migrant Haters Of Europe, You Might Want To Run And Hide,...

AFRICANGLOBE - Europe's population is steadily shrinking. And with data from the UN suggesting migrants be the answer, it might be a good idea to treat them well. Listening to British and other European right-wing politicians, you might think migrants are the plague.

Beware Of Europeans Who Come To Africa Bearing Gifts

AFRICANGLOBE - One of the stated purposes of the Conference of Berlin in 1884 was to save the people of Africa from the slave trade. To discharge this grave responsibility, the European powers discovered, to their undoubted distress, that they would have to extend their control and ownership of large parts of Africa.

British Prime Minister David Cameron And The ‘Hang Mandela’ Campaign

AFRICANGLOBE - David Cameron said that “A great light has gone out in the world. Nelson Mandela was a hero of our time.” The flag above Downing Street was even lowered to fly at half-mast as a mark of respect. This all sounds very nice were it not for the inconvenient fact that as a college student, David Cameron took part in the “Hang Mandela” campaign.

Nelson Mandela And Barack Obama

AFRICANGLOBE - The US president was the first of six foreign heads of state to address the crowd assembled in Johannesburg’s FNB Stadium. Filled with demagogic phrases about “struggle,” “liberation,” “freedom” and “revolution,” the speech’s attempt to cloak Obama in the legacy of Nelson Mandela’s years of sacrifice, imprisonment and persecution was an obscene exercise in hypocrisy.

3 Controversies That May Hurt President Obama’s 2nd-Term Agenda

AFRICANGLOBE - President Obama's second-term agenda is being threatened by three brewing controversies that could blossom into full-fledged scandals if the Republicans have anything to do with them

President Mugabe Tells British Prime Minister ‘To Hell With You’ Over...

AFRICANGLOBE - Zimbabwe's President Robert Mugabe on Saturday told British Prime Minister David Cameron "to hell with you" over his calls to respect gay rights. "Nature is nature. It has created male and female," Mugabe told thousands of supporters at his 88th birthday celebration at a stadium in the eastern border town of Mutare.