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Nigerian Army Moves To Turn The Tide Against Boko Haram, Killing...

AFRICNGLOBE - Determined to turn the tide against the terrorists Boko Haram, the Nigerian Army yesterday inflicted heavy casualty on the sect fighters who attempted to capture Konduga, a strategic town just about 35km to Maiduguri, killing over 100 and halting their match to Maiduguri.

Scores Killed in Church Attacks and Reprisals Across Nigeria

For the second Sunday running, blood flowed again yesterday as 48 persons were killed in three separate coordinated bomb attacks on churches in Kaduna,...

Nigeria Outlaws Same-Sex Marriage – Offenders To Get 10-Year Jail Term

AFRICANGLOBE - The Nigerian Senate today passed a Bill prohibiting same-sex marriage. Termed Same-Sex Prohibition Bill, it stipulates a 10-year jail term for offenders. Announcing the passage of the Bill, Senate president David mark said that marriage between same sexes is alien to the Nigerian tradition and against all African morals.