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The US Supreme Court Thinks Racism Is Dead. What Planet Do...

ARICANGLOBE - Last week the US supreme court reassessed the nation's history of voter exclusion and decided that the White disease of racism was cured. No sooner had the court pronounced racism dead than its skeleton emerged from cupboards galore and started doing the can-can on primetime.

ANC Policy Proposals Dangerous Say Apartheid Era President FW De Klerk

AFRICANGLOBE - Former apartheid era South African President FW De Klerk has labeled some of the ANC's policy proposals as dangerous, De Klerk was speaking at the FW de Klerk foundation conference in Johannesburg yesterday.

Mandela Was No ‘Saintlike Figure’ Says De Klerk

Former apartheid era South African president FW De Klerk has called Nelson Mandela a "brutal and unfair" opponent and said he was no "holy...