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Texas Man Gets New Hearing After ‘Racist’ Death Sentence

AFRICANGLOBE - The U.S. Supreme Court ordered a new hearing for Black Texas prison inmate Duane Buck Wednesday after he said his rights were violated when jurors wrongfully received word that “he was more likely to be dangerous in the future because he was Black.”

US Military To Execute First Inmate In Over 50 Years; Yes...

AFRICANGLOBE - Eight years after he was sentenced to die, Ronald Gray could be the first death row inmate executed by the US military in more than half a century. For more than 25 years, Gray filed appeals claiming that he had an incompetent lawyer, that the military courts lacked the proper jurisdiction to prosecute him, and that he was not mentally stable enough to stand trial. These appeals were repeatedly denied.

Florida Has Never Executed A White Person For Killing A Black...

AFRICANGLOBE - In Alabama, 6 percent of murders involve Black defendants and White victims, but 60 percent of Black death row inmates were convicted of murdering a White person. In Louisiana, a death sentence is 97 percent more likely in murder cases where the victim is White. Nationwide, only 20 White people have been executed since 1976 for killing a Black person. By contrast, 269 Black defendants were executed for killing someone who is White.

In Colorado, Blacks Are 4 Percent Of The Population And 100...

AFRICANGLOBE - Everyone who is on death row in Colorado is Black. In a state that is only 4.3% Black, Colorado’s death row is 100% African-American.

Troy Davis: The Night The Lights Went Out In Georgia

AFRICANGLOBE - When the state of Georgia murdered Troy Davis on Wednesday, it brought condemnation from around the world. This act of state-sanctioned murder also brought into focus the death grip of moral certainty which now has a stranglehold on the US, even in the face of a world which increasingly sees it as morally bankrupt. But a society as thoroughly racist as the US is just as thoroughly determined, perhaps paradoxically--and perhaps not--to deny, ignore and deflect criticism that would raise any doubt, lest the festering sore of its legacy be provoked and proceed to sepsis.