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Oklahoma Postpones Execution After First Is Botched

AFRICANGLOBE - An Oklahoma death row inmate died of a heart attack Tuesday night more than 40 minutes after his execution was halted because the lethal injection of three drugs was botched. The execution of a second man was postponed.

Oklahoma Supreme Court Rejects Death-Row Inmates’ Claims

AFRICANGLOBE - The Oklahoma Supreme Court ruled late Wednesday that two death row inmates are not entitled to know the source of the drugs that will be used to kill them.

Oklahoma Court Stays Executions Of 2 Death Row Inmates

AFRICANGLOBE - A sharply divided Oklahoma Supreme Court on Monday stayed the execution of two death row inmates who have challenged the secrecy surrounding the source of the state's lethal injection drugs.

In Colorado, Blacks Are 4 Percent Of The Population And 100...

AFRICANGLOBE - Everyone who is on death row in Colorado is Black. In a state that is only 4.3% Black, Colorado’s death row is 100% African-American.