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Nine Soldiers Killed In Mali Rebel Attack

AFRICANGLOBE - Mali's defence ministry said nine soldiers were killed in an attack by Tuareg invaders on a town near the border with Mauritania. Wednesday's attack on the town of Lere, southwest of Timbuktu, was the latest in a series of clashes between the nomads, the Malian army, and a militia allied to the government.

UN Report Accuses French Soldiers Of Raping African Children In CAR

AFRICANGLOBE - Britain's Guardian newspaper said it had acquired a U.N. report that first raised allegations of the rape of young boys by French troops. A French judicial source said the prosecutor's office had received that report in July 2014, and had asked for assistance from Central African authorities in investigating whether there had been abuse of minors.

Deadly Clashes Erupted in Egypt killing 11 Wounding Dozens

Egypt's central army forces have moved to disperse violent clashes that have resulted in the death of 11 citizens by Egypt's Defence Ministry in...