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New Video Shows Off-Duty New York Cop Murdering Delrawn Small

AFRICANGLOBE - Newly released security video footage shows that off-duty New York Police Department (NYPD) officer Wayne Isaacs fired on Delrawn Small as he approached Isaac’s car at a traffic intersection shortly after midnight on July 4 in Brooklyn’s East New York neighborhood. Small can be seen walking up to Isaac’s window and then staggering back as bullets hit him. He glances off of another car and drops to the street where he dies. Small had been driving a car with his girlfriend, Zaquanna Albert, and their two young children.

Family Threatens To ‘Hunt Down’ Killer Cop Who Murdered Delrawn Small

AFRICANGLOBE - Officer Wayne Isaacs killed Delrawn Small, 37, after a near-miss crash in Brooklyn. Small's niece, Zoe Dempsey, 23, told the reporters: 'We will seek our justice' — and get violent if necessary. 'This is war.