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‘If Democracy Was A Poison, Many Are Excited To See America...

AFRICANGLOBE - There is a consensus that the US election exposed the rotten underbelly of American society. Like Britons who voted Brexit largely because of prejudice against the ‘other’, Americans too are mainstreaming hate and prejudice as an ideology of power. And they are callously ethnic. Just listen to the rhetoric. It’s “pitchforks and torches time”, says Milwaukee sheriff David Clarke, who previously called the #BlackLivesMatter crowd “the enemy”. But there’s a positive side to this upheaval. America may be awakening to itself. People can see its endemic corrosion. At the very least, having some self-awareness is better than not having any.

Obama On The Wrong Side Of History

AFRICANGLOBE - When Barack Obama delivered his speech on Africa in Ghana, he made reference to African leaders being on the wrong side of history. The right side, he implied, was the side of the U.S.. The U.S. has democracy and preaches democracy — only it does so selectively, purporting to champion democracy while at the same time supping with undemocratic and sometimes tyrannical regimes as has been the case with Egypt, Tunisia, Saudi Arabia and Bahrain.

Black American Political Thought

AFRICANGLOBE - Black American political thinkers have understood themselves to be embedded in the matrix of their historical moment, so that the distancing move on which so much history and philosophy depends was seldom available—or appealing—to them.