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Remember They Said Zimbabwe Was The Poorest Country, Turns Out That’s...

AFRICANGLOBE - News media reported recently that Zimbabwe is the poorest country in the world after the Democratic Republic of Congo. Is Zimbabwe really the "second poorest country on earth"? Lets check the facts.

The DR Congo Is Having One Of The Best Years Ever

AFRICANGLOBE - The DRC might well turn out to be a black swan and could be Africa’s richest nation by 2035. The country’s resources—estimated by some at a staggering $24 trillion, while its energy potential remains deep—the planned Grand Inga dam would be nearly eight times more in capacity than Ethiopia’s Grand Renaissance dam.

Who Will The DRC’s Grand Inga Dam Benefit?

AFRICANGLOBE - The proposed Grand Inga Dam would produce 40,000 megawatts (MW) of electricity, roughly twice the capacity of China’s Three Gorges Dam and equal to the entire installed generation capacity of South Africa. The dam and its distribution network are expected to require $80-billion in funding.

UN Deploys Troops, Helicopters To Back Congo Fight

AFRICANGLOBE - U.N. forces have deployed ground troops, attack helicopters and drones to support a campaign by Democratic Republic of Congo's army against armed group in the northeast of the country, the head of its U.N. peacekeeping mission said on Wednesday.

Congo Bans Chinese Medicine

AFRICANGLOBE - Health authorities in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) have slapped a ban on Chinese hospitals and physicians practicing traditional Chinese medicine, citing "non-compliance with local health regulations".

Dozens Of DR Congo Pygmies Killed In Escalating Violence

AFRICANGLOBE - Dozens of Pygmies in Democratic Republic of Congo's southeast were killed by Bantu militiamen in the past week, the U.N. peacekeeping mission said on Wednesday, in an escalation in a two-year ethnic conflict.

DRC Calls For End To UN Peacekeeping Mission In The Country

AFRICANGLOBE- The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) has demanded the removal of thousands of UN peacekeepers, saying it is ready to assume the "full responsibility for its security"

Zimbabwe: A Continuum Of Anti-Imperialist Struggles

AFRICANGLOBE - A Fine Madness is a book that intertwines Zimbabwe’s anti-imperialist struggles for autonomy through highlighting epitaphs of the war of liberation and the country’s incursions in the Democratic Republic of Congo conflict. Part prose and part poetic, the book comes out as a continuum narrative of the struggles undertaken by Zimbabwe in its trajectory to assert notjust its own independence but that of other African countries.

South Africa Pushes For Grand Inga Hydropower Project Go-Ahead

AFRICANGLOBE - The Grand Inga Hydropower project may prove to be South Africa's solution to the current and future energy challenges if the South African legislature ratifies the treaty on the energy scheme with the Democratic Republic of Congo. The multi- phase hydro power station has the potential to generate approximately 40,000MW, sufficient to power half of Africa.

Coming Together: Uganda, DR Congo In Talks To Improve Relations

AFRICANGLOBE - Relations between Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo are entering a new era of proactive engagement that could bring stability to an insecurity-prone region that is on the cusp of a major oil boom. Top diplomats from the two countries met in Kinshasa from August 23-27 under the Joint Permanent Commission (JPC) set-up to discuss co-operation in politics, diplomacy and law; defence and security; and economics, finance and infrastructure development.

Good News: South Africa Approves DRC Grand Inga Treaty

AFRICANGLOBE - South Africa has approved the ratification of the Grand Inga Treaty with the Democratic Republic of Congo. The treaty would see South Africa buy over half of the power generated by the first phase of the world's biggest hydroelectric project, aimed at generating 40,000 megawatt of power on the Congo River.

“Paradigm Shift’ Boosts Congo Peace Prospects

I walked into the State Department just over a year ago to take on my new role of U.S. Special Envoy for the African Great Lakes Region and the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). Part of my eagerness in accepting the job came from the recognition that we were entering a period of unprecedented international commitment to and partnership with Africa, including the Great Lakes Region.

DR Congo Opens One Of Africa’s Largest Gold Mines

AFRICANGLOBE - Democratic Republic of Congo, one of the world's biggest gold producers, on Friday formally opened one of the continent's largest gold mines in the far northeast of the country.

Joseph Kony Now Dressed Up As Africa’s Bin Laded

AFRICANGLOBE - President Obama orchestrated the Joseph Kony hysteria of 2011 as an excuse to send at least 100 US Special Forces troops to the Democratic Republic of Congo, Uganda, the Central African Republic and the new state of South Sudan. The tempo of US military occupation of Africa quickens by the day. Seizing every real and manufactured crisis as an opportunity, Washington has created a continental infrastructure that has already reduced most African armies to appendages of US foreign policy, dependencies of the Pentagon.

The Congo Still Ravaged By U.S.-Funded Conflict And Plunder

The United States instigated the invasion of the DRC by its proxies Rwanda and Uganda in 1996 and 1998, and the subsequent slaughter of 6.9 million Congolese has devastated the country. Washington’s goal was to plunder the enormous mineral riches of the Congo through the proxy use of Rwanda’s and Uganda’s troops.

DR Congo Recruits Robots As Traffic Cops

AFRICANGLOBE - The Democratic Republic of Congo's capital Kinshasa is notorious for bad traffic. So police are getting a helping hand to keep the cars moving. Two giant traffic robots have appeared in the capital, a city where drivers normally spend hours in traffic and which has become notorious for traffic gridlock.