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16 New Facts About Africa’s Population That You Need To Know

AFRICANGLOBE - The world’s population is currently estimated to be 7.3 billion—with one billion of these added in just the last 12 years. Sixteen per cent, or 1.2 billion of those people live in Africa, while the vast majority of 4.4 billion, or 60% are in Asia. This gap will be steadily and determinedly chipped at this century.

What Can Africa Learn From East Asia’s Boom?

AFRICANGLOBE - In East Asia, harnessing the demographic dividend propelled and transformed the economy in a historically short time and contributed to a 6% annual average growth in per-capita income between 1965 and 1995.

Africa’s ‘Demographic Dividend’ – the Youth Will Decide

AFRICANGLOBE - Africa's age structure is said to be reaching its 'Goldilocks moment' where things are 'just right'. Falling birth and mortality rates mean there are more people of working age than ever before and fewer dependents for them to support. In the past, when similar situations have arisen elsewhere, this 'demographic dividend' resulted in economic booms.