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The Politics Behind “One” God, Western Definition Of Monotheism Masks Imperialism

AFRICANGLOBE - I want to look now at monotheism, the belief in a one and only god. To be more precise, the Eurocentric definition of it. What REALLY makes that concept so morally superior? What makes it more legitimate and righteous than the (so-called) polytheistic belief systems that came before? I'll tell you.

Nativity Nonsense: The Christmas Story

AFRICANGLOBE - Even today in the so-called Information Age it comes as a profound shock to many Christians to learn that their Nativity story, far from being a miraculous event some 2000 odd years ago, is a refashioned compilation of pre-Christian myths stretching back to very ancient times. The damning evidence can still be found in the Nile Valley upon the walls of Amenope's tomb, in a cave in India called Elephanta, in the Drama of Bel and the life of Pythagoras and Zeus and a host of other historical and mythical figures all of whom preceding the Christian Era.

What Color Was Jesus Christ

AFRICANGLOBE - Here is a little test. Tell me, who am I referring to? He died in his 33rd year. He said the man married to his mother was not his father. He said he was fathered by a God. He was called, “King of Kings.” And the name “Issus” was connected to him. Who was that? The answer would shock you.