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Suffering in Northern Mali

How might military action in northern Mali unfold and what impact will it have on the local population? A recent article in the Wall Street...

Israel Announces Plan to Erect 20,000 Desert Tents for Africans in...

Israel's Defense Ministry says tents cities will be erected at various detention centers throughout Israel's south in the Negev desert in order to prevent...

Libya Accused of Dumping African Refugees in the Desert

As dusk settles over the isolated Saharan town Kufra, Libyan militiamen order a few hundred African refugees lined up at a detention centre to...

Arab Attack on Mali Also Threatens Neighbouring Niger

In the weeks since a sudden Arab invasion split Mali in two, officials in neighbouring Niger have been desperate to stop the invasion from...

Black and Arab Tribes Clash in Southern Libya

A fierce gunfight between two tribes in Libya's remote southeastern desert has killed at least 17 people in the past two days and wounded...

Africans Tortured And Killed by Arab Bedouins in Sinai

The smugglers normally ask for $2,500-$3,000 for the trip to Israel border. But upon arrival in Sinai, the migrants often find themselves in the hands of traffickers who demand additional money - ranging from $500-$10,000. The traffickers kill or otherwise harm the migrants - in several cases, to remove and sell their kidneys for a large illegal market in Egypt - if they do not pay.

Water Could Emerge as a Hidden Weapon In Libya

In the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) water has created a growing regional crisis and could be an impetus for further unrest. Demand is increasing as populations skyrocket - reserves are rapidly depleting and food inflation has taken its toll on cash-strapped countries