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Does South Africa’s Black-Phobic Blacks Suffer Inferiority Complex?

AFRICANGLOBE - Why South African Blacks unleash their indignation against another fellow Black rather than share their wrath against all? This the question being asked by the continent as to how the red or white are spared but targeted the vulnerable Blacks of the same flesh and blood. South African Blacks are notorious for their xenophobia which only seem reserved for Black immigrants from the continent. It’s just more than xenophobia because, in retrospect, they only targeted and killed Black foreigners in South Africa.

Jewish Paper Apologize For Comparing Desmond Tutu To Hitler

AFRICANGLOBE - A South African Jewish publication on Friday apologised to the country’s outspoken retired Anglican archbishop Desmond Tutu for publishing an article comparing him to Adolf Hitler.

Bishop Tutu's Abysmal Attacks Against ANC

Archbishop Desmond Tutu is known for his fearless comments and his well-deserved Nobel Peace Prize award years ago, for his valiant fight against the apartheid regime in South Africa.