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Timbuktu: A Great African History in Danger of Being Destroyed by...

AFRICANGLOBE - Timbuktu's thousands of manuscripts are caught in the crossfire as an international intervention force prepares to retake northern Mali from the hands of Algerian and other Arab terrorists. For the archivists faced with the dilemma of a risky evacuation or sitting tight, time is running out.

U.S. Death Toll From Hurricane Sandy Rises to 55, Nearly 7...

The death toll from Hurricane Sandy has reached 55, while there are still more than 6.8 million homes and businesses without power—down from a...

Dr. Chancellor James Williams

AFRICANGLOBE - Dr. Chancellor James Williams (1898-1992) was an African American sociologist, historian and writer. Of the recent towering figures in the struggle to completely eradicate the pervasive racial myths clinging to the origins of Nile Valley Civilization, few scholars have had the impact of Dr. Chancellor James Williams.

South Africa Sends Highly Enriched Uranium to the U.S. for Destruction

The US and South Africa have been working constructively for a number of years on various peaceful use applications of nuclear material and in particular on the need to minimise the use of HEU.