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Michigan Governor Declares Fiscal Emergency In Detroit

AFRICANGLOBE - Michigan Governor Rick Snyder declared that Detroit is in a state of financial emergency, allowing the state to take control of the struggling city. City officials have a 10-day window to counter the state’s takeover , but Snyder confirmed that he was already considering a candidate for emergency manager to lead Detroit.

State Senator Proposes to Dissolve Detroit

AFRICANGLOBE - Poor Detroit. First it was Mitt Romney making the case as to why the federal government should have let it go down the drain a few years ago, but now a state senator in Michigan is proposing to do away with the financially-strapped city altogether.

Detroit Will Run Out of Money Before End of the Year

AFRICANGLOBE - The city of Detroit will run out of money before the end of the year if it continues on its present course, after the Detroit city council last night was unable to complete the actions stipulated by the Michigan Treasury in order for it to get a cash infusion of $10 million yesterday and another $20 million in three weeks.

Detroit Mayor’s Budget Includes Layoff of 25% of the City’s Workforce

Detroit Mayor Dave Bing on Monday laid out a budget proposal that would cut more than 2,500 jobs — nearly a quarter of the...

New Detroit Budget Proposal Contains Severe Cuts

A detailed budget proposal by Detroit Democratic Mayor Dave Bing calls for massive cuts and layoffs on top of those contained in a preliminary...