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Detroit Bankruptcy: A Savage Assault On Detroit’s Residents

AFRICANGLOBE - Detroit Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr released a “plan of adjustment” Friday that includes huge cuts in city worker pensions and health care, pledges full payment for secured bondholders and outlines plans for the privatization of city services and assets, including the transfer of control of the Detroit Institute of Arts.

Emergency Manager Outlines Scorched Earth Policy On Detroit Talk Show

AFRICANGLOBE - Appearing Sunday on the Detroit local news talk show “Flashpoint,” Detroit Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr outlined his plans to attack public employee pensions and sell off public assets, including the artwork of the Detroit Institute of Arts (DIA) to further enrich the big financial institutions and consulting firms involved in the bankruptcy case.

A Who’s Who Of The Conspirators Behind The Detroit Bankruptcy

AFRICANGLOBE - Two weeks of testimony in the Detroit bankruptcy case have exposed the pre-meditated character of the July 18 decision by Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr to initiate the largest municipal bankruptcy proceeding in US history.

Detroit’s Emergency Financial Manager Threatens Sale of All Cultural Treasures

AFRICANGLOBE - Detroit’s emergency financial manager has ordered the general valuing of every public asset in the city. In line with his earlier appraisal of the value of the works at the Detroit Institute of Arts.