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Detroit Kindergartens “Experiment” With 100-Student Class Sizes

Detroit has launched a new concept, a “Kindergarten Hub”. The eastside school, located in one of Detroit’s high poverty areas, has elected to combine all kindergartners together, cramming 100 five-year-olds into one class. In other words, the most at-risk and vulnerable children are being subjected to a thin-gruel and dehumanizing “education” on the cheap.

As Developers Gentrify Detroit, Evictions Increase

AFRICANGLOBE - Billionaire home loan tycoon and real estate investor Dan Gilbert is anticipating a windfall from the potential bankruptcy of Detroit and is rapidly increasing his holdings in downtown Detroit.

Right Wingers Renew Call to Sterilize African Americans

  Slavery and extermination of the Jews, all events that have been started by European cultures seem to be retro-chic once again. However, it seems...

Detriot to be Gentrified: Democratic Mayor Rolls out Detroit Downsizing Plan

Detroit’s Democratic mayor, David Bing, revealed further details Wednesday of his plan to shrink the city by forcing residents out of neighborhoods deemed too poor or underpopulated. Under the “planned contraction” scheme, the city will reduce or eliminate trash pickup, street lighting, fire and police protection, public schools and other essential services to drive residents out.