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Detroit’s Drought of Democracy

AFRICANGLOB - On Tuesday, Kevyn Orr, the emergency manager of Detroit, transferred control of the city’s water and sewage board to the elected mayor, Mike Duggan. In his statement, Orr wrote, “As the Detroit Water and Sewerage Department works to operate more efficiently and communicate more effectively with customers, it is important to ensure there are clear lines of management and accountability.”

Detroit Water Shut-Offs Spark War Of Words

AFRICANGLOBE - State officials on Friday disputed that water shut-offs in Detroit constitute a public health crisis, despite protests in the city that drew large crowds and led to at least nine arrests.

Detroit Elites Declare: “Water Is Not A Social Right”

AFRICANGLOBE - The shut off of water service for tens of thousands of Detroit residents has generated national and international attention. The scenes of young mothers, children, the elderly the sick and low-income workers deprived of water for drinking, cleaning and cooking—in what is supposed to be the richest country of the world—have provoked astonishment and revulsion.

Protests Continue Over Detroit Library Closures

Members of the Fenmore Block Association and other Detroit residents picketed the main branch of the Detroit Public Library Tuesday afternoon to oppose the threatened closure of the Jessie Chase branch and five other local libraries in the city.