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NAACP Appeals To The United Nations To End Detroit Water Shut-Offs

AFRICANGLOBE - United Nations officials arrived in Detroit last weekend after several advocacy organizations, including plaintiffs organizations Detroit People's Water Board and Michigan Welfare Rights Organization, called for the UN to conduct an investigation into civil and human rights violations committed by Detroit and the Detroit Water and Sewerage Department.

Detroit Water Shut-Offs Spark War Of Words

AFRICANGLOBE - State officials on Friday disputed that water shut-offs in Detroit constitute a public health crisis, despite protests in the city that drew large crowds and led to at least nine arrests.

‘We Are Hiding Out With No Water’: Detroit Privatizers Deny People...

AFRICANGLOBE - “We are hiding out in our own house with no water,” Shelah, a 15-year-old youth and poverty skola whispered on the phone to me. She went on to tell me she and her mother and 9-year-old brother were among thousands of poor families who have had their water service cut off in the last few months by the Detroit Water and Sewerage Department.

Detroit Water Disconnection A ‘Violation Of Human Rights’

AFRICANGLOBE - A group of three experts who report to the United Nations on Wednesday called the disconnection of water to tens of thousands of homes in Detroit a violation of international human rights.

Detroit Land Bank Authority Seizes Thousands Of Homes And Lots

AFRICANGLOBE - A major push is underway to drive even more oppressed and working Black people from the city of Detroit. On June 13 demonstrators rallied outside the Detroit Water and Sewerage Department (DWSD) located downtown. This day represented the sixth in a series of “Freedom Fridays” where people have been protesting against the wholesale attacks on workers, retirees, youth and community residents through an orchestrated financial emergency and forced bankruptcy.

Detroit to Cut 81 Percent of Water and Sewage Jobs

Workers at the Detroit Water and Sewerage Department woke up Thursday morning to see a glaring headline in Detroit's newspapers about their fate. Department management,...