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Ethiopia Looks to Realise Its Geothermal Energy Potential

AFRICANGLOBE - Ethiopia, like its fellow Great Rift Valley countries, has enormous geothermal energy potential. However, the costs involved and the need for skilled expertise have, until now, been major obstacles. In late January, the Development Bank of Ethiopia announced that, over the next five months, it will offer an initial $20m to kickstart geothermal energy projects

Development Bank of Ethiopia Offers $20m To Fund Renewable Energy Projects

AFRICANGLOBE - The Development Bank of Ethiopia will offer up to $20 million to private companies in efforts to accelerate development of renewable energy and energy efficient products. The funds will be drawn from money granted to the country by the World Bank in May of last year, with a total of $ 40 million having been allotted to renewable energy development projects initiated in the private sector according to reports in local media.