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Abu Dhabi Firm To Launch $2b Development Project In Ethiopia

AFRICANGLOBE - The United Arab Emirates firm, the Eagle Hills, has launched an estimated $2 billion integrated community development project in Addis Ababa. The Ethiopia government will have 27 percent share in the project which includes malls, 4,000 apartment houses, three star hotels and recreation centres, according to Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, who launched the project Monday night.

These 11 Mega Infrastructure Projects Are Transforming Africa

AFRICANGLOBE - Africa's population is expanding. By the United Nations' estimate, the continent will see its current population of 1.2 billion double by the year 2050. That's an expected growth of 42 million people — basically a brand-new Argentina — every year. A number of important infrastructure projects are underway to make room for all those people, including railways, dams, and clean energy solutions such as solar arrays. Here are some of the largest projects coming to Africa in the next several decades.

Chinese Built Railway Line Linking Ethiopia To Djibouti Now Completed

AFRICANGLOBE - Ethiopian officials on Saturday said a multi-billion dollar railroad project linking the nation to the port of Djibouti has been completed. The project manager, Mokenen Getachew said the 656km Addis Ababa–Djibouti electric railway trans-boundary project will be inaugurated next month.

Ethiopia Coaxes Investors In Order to Finance Growth Plan

AFRICANGLOBE - Ethiopia’s government plans to attract more foreign investment and boost domestic savings as it struggles to finance infrastructure and other development projects, State Minister of Finance Abraham Tekeste said.

Africa Lures Its Diaspora for Development Projects

Africa plans to launch a fund to harness the financial resources of its citizens based in the Diaspora which will be used for development...

China Loans Ethiopia $500 Million For Development

China has lent Ethiopia US$ 500 million that will be used to fund various development projects in the Horn of Africa country.