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"Arab Spring" Could Lead to African Drought

Stressing that there is only so much money to go around, development experts worry that the aid package the Group of Eight (G8) has announced for North Africa may mean fewer funds for the Black Africa.

Nurturing Peace Through Tourism

Tourism flourished where there was peace and that it was in that view that there was need to focus on ways and means to guarantee peace in Africa

Angolan Entrepreneurs Encouraged to Invest in Tourism Sector

The governor of the central Huambo province, Fernando Faustino Muteka, invited on Sunday the business people to invest in the region, in order to explore the beautiful landscape, historic and cultural heritage of this locality.

Jonathan Returns Budget Over Inflated Figures

The development, which came as a surprise to members of the House of Representatives, has also forced the President to withhold his assent to the Bill.

Nigeria’s Delta State Gets World Class Leisure Resorts

One of the states in Nigeria that has been able to create jobs through tourism is Cross Rivers state which invested in the development of Obudu Cattle Ranch, Calabar festival and investment in other infrastructure that impacted on tourism.

Africans Want Investment, not Charity

The report argues that many developed countries have heavily subsidised their farmers and dumped food in the South through international supply chains in the form of food aid.

ECOWAS And India Sign Agreement for Multi Sectoral Cooperation

Abuja-Nigeria — ECOWAS and India have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to strengthen multi sectoral cooperation in nine identified core areas. The MOU was...

U.S.$2.5 Billion Imo Refinery to Generate 30,000 Jobs

He disclosed this during an interactive session with journalists yesterday in Abuja, even as he said that a total of $2.5 billion would be...