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The 15 Warning Signs Of America’s Impending Tyranny

AFRICANGLOBE - Robert Reich — the former Secretary of Labor under Bill Clinton — just issued a must-read list of red flags warning us of 4 years of tyranny. Reich’s warning signs echo the actions of past tyrants, like Benito Mussolini in Italy, Adolf Hitler in Germany, Augosto Pinochet in Chile, and Francisco Franco in Spain. In listing each example of tyrannical actions, Reich cited an action taken by President-elect Donald Trump both during his campaign and after his election. Reich’s list is meant to serve as an ominous warning for Americans to stay vigilant in the face of a terrifying and unpredictable government over the next four years.

America Has Installed A Dictatorship In Haiti

AFRICANGLOBE - Since January 12, 2015, Michel Martelly has ruled Haiti by decree with US-UN guns backing up his dictatorship. The UN Security council, led by Samantha Powers, the United States Ambassador to the United Nations, recently visited Haiti to legitimized and reinforce their commitment to Martelly over the objections of the people of Haiti.

Zimbabwe: One of Africa’s Most Democratic Countries

Contrary to the Westernised popular belief that Zimbabwe is synonymous with ‘Mugabe’s dictatorship’, it is in fact one of Africa's most democratic states. If Robert Mugabe is indeed a dictator, he has a peculiar way of showing it: the President liberated Zimbabwe from White racist rule and established a thriving parliamentary democracy, which has held multi-party elections ever since Independence in 1980

Haiti is Under New International Dictatorship Says Author

Haiti is again living under a dictatorship, says author Justin Podur. Podur, author of Haiti's New Dictatorship: The Coup, the Earthquake and the UN...