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Zimbabwe: Plot To Assassinate Robert Mugabe?

AFRICANGLOBE - Zimbabwe's state-owned newspaper 'The Sunday Mail' has reported that the Vice President Joice Mujuru was at the centre of a plot to assassinate President Mugabe. The story claims further that a Cabinet minister who is Joice Mujuru's ally "made contingencies for such a scenario during recent meetings with potential hitmen in South Africa and Israel."

Who Is The European Union Trying To Fool?

AFRICANGLOBE - We are not going to be deceived by the EU’s insult to Zimbabwe through the British colonial trick of divide and rule. To start with, there was never any legal basis for the sanctions, which were imposed unilaterally without the blessings of the full UN process. We call these silly old tricks because the bloc is clearly trying to drive a wedge between the President and the security structures.