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BET To Air Original Documentary CHARGED: THE DA VS. BLACK AMERICA,...

AFRICANGLOBE - "Charged: The DA vs. Black America," is an alarming wake-up call regarding the absolute power of the District Attorney. With an in-depth look into the DA's impact on individuals and families across the country, the documentary exposes how some of these elected prosecutors have contributed to America's mass incarceration of Black men. Today, there are more African-American men in prison, on parole or on probation than were enslaved in 1850.

Drunk District Attorney Nearly Kills Multiple Motorists – Cops Change Her...

AFRICANGLOBE - Instead of arresting the woman, who was caught on video coming dangerously close to multiple head-on collisions, and completely unable to stay in her lane, cops changed her tire and sent her on her way. The incident began when a motorist behind Grant County District Attorney Francesca Estevez witnessed her swerving all over the road. The motorist took out his phone and began recording as Estevez veered in and out of her lane coming perilously close to several head-on collisions with innocent drivers.

Nashville Prosecutors Have Made Sterilization Of Women Part Of Plea Deals

AFRICANGLOBE - Nashville’s district attorney recently banned his staff from using invasive surgery as a bargaining chip, after it became apparent that local attorneys had been using sterilization as part of plea bargains.