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Syria: Does Obama Know He Is Fighting On al-Qa’ida’s Side?

Hands up which of you know what happened the last time the Americans took on the Syrian government army? I bet they can’t remember. Well it happened in Lebanon when the US Air Force decided to bomb Syrian missiles in the Bekaa Valley on 4 December 1983.

Newtown: Does Obama Have Tears to Spare for the Violence Black...

AFRICANGLOBE - The tragedy in Newtown was truly horrific. But there is similar carnage carried out every day in the streets of America’s cities, especially in the President’s hometown of Chicago, Oakland, Philadelphia, and many other cities across the nation. In 2010, nearly 700 Chicago school children were shot and 66 of them died. Last year, Mayor Rahm Emanuel attended a memorial for 260 school children who had been killed in just the previous three years