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Mali’s Dogon Hit By Double Crisis

AFRICANGLOBE - The region around Bandiagara, in central Mali's Mopti Region, is struggling to cope with the dual crises. Nestled among giant boulders at the base of the Bandiagara Escarpment is the village of Nombori, home to around 1,200 ethnic Dogon people. There, Pilif Guindo's small clinic is struggling to cope with a steady increase in child malnutrition.

The Dogon: From The Nile Valley To The Kingdom Of Mali

AFRICANGLOBE - The Dogon, an ancient people in Africa, are mainly populated in the modern nations of Mali and Burkino Faso in West Africa, the epicenter of the historical medieval Mali Empire. When western anthropologists first began to study Dogon culture they were baffled at the group's advanced knowledge of the universe.