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Don Lemon Blames Black People For Justin Bieber’s Use Of Racial...

AFRICANGLOBE - Lemon, an alleged Black man, and who is no stranger to Respectability Politics, has previously voiced his disdain for the various ways in which Black people walk, talk, and generally carry themselves.

Don Lemon A ‘White Leader’ Says Touré

AFRICANGLOBE - Regarding the subject of black on black crime, Toure of MSNBC’s “The Cycle” labeled Lemon as a “White leader” for not speaking up against White-on-White violence. Toure took to Twitter on Sunday to lash out against Lemon, as well as Bill O’Reilly and Rush Limbaugh, who he put in the same category.

Don Lemon is a Gay Black Man, He Should Know Better...

Don Lemon is the most recent iteration in a long tradition of African-Americans who publicly scold and shame the black community’s “bad morals” and “defective culture". Black celebrities such as Bill Cosby have taken up this habit. Barack Obama has enjoyed giving such sermons. Black conservatives appear to exist for the sole purpose of criticizing the African-American community and legitimating White racism by the Right.

Race Matters: Don Lemon’s Open Letter to Russell Simmons

AFRICANGLOBE - Below is a transcript of a letter Russell Simmons wrote in response to comments Don Lemon made regarding what Black youth can do to change the quality of their experience in America. The video of Lemon’s earlier comments is also embedded below.

Responding to Racism is Not Reverse Racism

On Monday CNN aired the special program "N-word vs 'Cracker': Which Is Worse?" hosted and moderated by Don Lemon. The segment stemmed from the George Zimmerman trial, coming as a result of the prosecution's star witness' claim that the late Mr. Trayvon Martin told her a "creepy ass 'cracker'" was following him