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Africa To Become World’s Manufacturing Hub Through Industrial Cooperation With China:...

AFRICANGLOBE - The chief of the African Development Bank (AfDB) Donald Kaberuka says time has come for Africa to become the world's manufacturing hub and this can be done through industrial cooperation with China as the Asian giant phrases out labor-intensive industries.

Africa Can Maintain 6% Economic Growth

AFRICANGLOBE - Africa can meet growth expectations of more than 6 percent this year, despite a slowdown in China, but the outlook for North Africa is more uncertain, the president of the African Development Bank said on Friday. The bank forecasts growth of 5.3 percent across Africa this year and 6.2 percent for equatorial Africa.

Kenya: East Africa’s Economic Powerhouse

AFRICANGLOBE - Within the EAC, the Kenyan economy is the anchor. The overall performance of the region will to a great extent depend on what happens in Kenya. Kenya's economy is the largest in the region and is much more dynamic than those of other member countries. The country's economy is much better linked to the other economies in terms of investment flows and trade.

Donald Kaberuka: Planning For An Economically Successful Africa

AFRICANGLOBE - Donald Kaberuka’s performance has been described by some as ‘flawless’. His endeavours to improve growth and development in many African countries have earned him much acclaim.

AfDB Allocates $3bn to Africa’s Power Sector

AFRICANGLOBE - The African Development Bank (AfDB) on Tuesday said it has earmarked up to $3 billion for Africa’s power sector over the next 5 years. AfDB President, Donald Kaberuka, speaking from Dar Es Salaam, said the bank’s interventions will include investment loans, reforms, advisory and guarantees in the energy sector.

Resource Companies Are Ripping Off Africa – AfDB Chief

AFRICANGLOBE - President of the African Development Bank Group (AfDB), Donald Kaberuka has said Governments should increase taxes on foreign mining and energy companies operating on the continent.

Africa Records Impressive 2.2 Trillion GDP Growth in 13 Years –...

AFRICANGLOBE - Africa's GDP has increased from $600bn to $2.2 trillion since the year 2000 and the continent "now offers the highest risk adjusted return on investment... our economic managers are doing a reasonably good job navigating the difficult global economic slowdown.

African Continent Can Transform Within a Generation – Donald Kaberuka

AFRICANGLOBE - Speaking at the 23rd World Economic Forum on Africa on Thursday, May 9 in Cape Town, South Africa, African Development Bank President Donald Kaberuka said "Africa has to find its own form of development that works for this continent."

African Development Bank Approves $232.5m For Key Tanzania-Kenya Road Project

AFRICANGLOBE - The African Development Bank has confirmed the approval of two loans totalling $232.5 million for a road project between Tanzania and Kenya.

How Does Africa Pursue Growth in the Midst of a Global...

AFRICANGLOBE - As the deep grey of the Geneva sky hung overhead, delegates gathered at the Africa CEO Forum on 20 November to discuss...

How to Invest in Africa’s Infrastructure

The African Development Bank (AfDB) wants SADC countries to put five percent of their monetary reserve towards the establishment of an infrastructure bond that...

World Economic Forum On Africa Declares Need to Prioritize Economic Transformation

Africa has experienced the best decade of the past 50 years, but there are still challenges that need to be tackled, said Donald Kaberuka,...